Rent service

(Eng. Law) rent reserved out of land held by fealty or other corporeal service; - so called from such service being incident to it.

See also: Rent

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Contract awarded for Provision of Rent Service Truck cistern, D.
If so, it's important that you contact the Rent Service for advice and guidance to discuss the options available to you.
The research shows that being a landlord can be like having a second job, and that is why we have a Guaranteed Rent Service to ensure our landlords get paid, no matter what.
I would urge tenants experiencing difficulties to contact the rent service (0121 675 2006) to discuss their specific circumstances and seek further advice on potential housing benefit entitlement and related advice on debt management.
JANE DAVIDSON * Pontypridd * Labour Claimed for: * Office rent service charges April 1 to June 23 - pounds 615.
Its activities include provision of tourism and travel services, cargo and car rent service, in addition to other services.
He has called for rent service charges to be kept locally to boost house-building projects.
Strix's mesh network provides private network connectivity for businesses within the airport, while also enabling multiple service providers in each airport to rent Service Set Identifications (SSIDs) and provide public access to visitors.
Housing manager Robert Davies said: 'A previous inspection of the rent service by the Audit Commission has challenged the need to retain this element of our current collection methods.
Bal Basi, rent service manager at Whitefriars, said: "A lot of people on benefits or low wages don't have access to high street lenders and have to rely on doorstep lenders and credit stores.
These experts are part of a network of specially trained adjudicators, many drawn from the Rent Service (an executive agency of the Department of Work and Pensions).
Child Support Agency staff took the sickies at nearly 14 days, followed by the Rent Service and Legal Secretariat.