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To "renumerate" would be to list quantities or attributes, and to do so more than once (to enumerate in repetition = renumerate).
There are also calls for it to renumerate other airlines for their losses.
"Local areas will be keen to hear more details on how the community benefits package will be strengthened to fairly renumerate those who will be most affected," the LGA said in a statement.
This could possibly be as a result of the inability of organizations to financially renumerate volunteers or incorporate them into paid work in the organization with which they volunteer.
The money is part of a pounds 198mpackage designed to renumerate directors and staff after a record-breaking year.
A large portion of that served to renumerate chiefs and other stool functionnaires.
McAllister, a coachbuilder, "had not been able to get into business to an extent to renumerate one for the wages and expenses I necessarily incurred."(25)
At the same time, there are statutory requirements on both parties - the duty of the agent to comply with lawful instructions and to supply spare parts, and the duty of the principal to renumerate the agent.
(ENvelope is preferred.) And, in another radio report, the newscaster repeatedly said "renumerate" instead of remunerate.
People respected the land, used it to its max imum to renumerate, feed and furnish their families with everything from home-made herbal remedies to sweaters spun out of lambs-wool.
"There's the question of fixtures to be addressed and the question of how do you renumerate the players without breaking that sacred doctrine of going down the pay for play route," said Kelly.