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Noun1.Reoviridae - a family of arboviruses carried by arthropods
arborvirus, arbovirus - a large heterogeneous group of RNA viruses divisible into groups on the basis of the virions; they have been recovered from arthropods, bats, and rodents; most are borne by arthropods; they are linked by the epidemiologic concept of transmission between vertebrate hosts by arthropod vectors (mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies, midges, etc.) that feed on blood; they can cause mild fevers, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, and encephalitis
family - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera; "sharks belong to the fish family"
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Since the first discovery of a virus belonging to the family Reoviridae in a crustacean (Vago 1966), there have been numerous reports of double-stranded RNA reo-like viruses in other crustacean hosts (Bonami & Zhang 2011).
Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV) belongs to the genus Orbivirus within the family Reoviridae and is closely related to bluetongue virus (BTV) and African horse-sickness virus.
The disease is caused by the Bluetongue virus (BTV)which belongs to the genus Orbivirus within the family Reoviridae. This disease is on the list of diseases notifiable to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).
Rotavirus belongs to Reoviridae family with triple coated virion particle that is icosahederal with 11 segmented Ds RNA genome enclosed in it3.
TLR3 senses dsRNA viruses such as members of the Reoviridae family including the rotavirus by sensing their genomic RNA; this recognition leads to the induction of inflammatory cytokines and type 1 IFNs [74, 77].
Rotavirus is nonenveloped RNA viruses belonging to the family Reoviridae, genus Rotavirus; other members of the family Reoviridae include genera such as Orthoreovirus, Orbivirus, Coltivirus, Cypovirus, Phytoreovirus, Aquareovirus, Oryzavirus, Seadornavirus, Idoreovirus, and Mycoreovirus [13].
[2] RV belongs to the virus family Reoviridae, which are categorized as important human and also veterinary gastrointestinal specific pathogens.
Rotavirus is a member of the family Reoviridae of the viruses having eleven segmented RNA genome.
Etiological agent of the disease belongs to the genus Orbivirus in the family Reoviridae. Twenty seven serotypes of BTV have so far been recognized worldwide and many more may be prevalent in regions where no survey has been made so far (10).