n.1.One who repacks.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Now I'll share my recollection of one team's journey in creating an Inventory Control Center of Excellence (COE) that ultimately encompassed a network of more than 50 warehouse, co-manufacturer, and repacker locations.
Founded in March of 2004, Front Row Produce is a repacker, wholesaler and distributor for fresh fruits and vegetables.
The company has won the trust and confidence of international clients that want products other than those it produces, so working with neighboring farms means it can add items to the export product line and serve as a trader and repacker for products including Andean grains, dried fruits, gluten free flours and mesquite.
Milwaukee-based produce repacker and distributor Market Source has launched its 4-pack of limes, called Beer Lime, which the company bills as "the ultimate combination of convenience, taste and long-lasting quality." Market Source claims the plastic packaging, in combination with the volume of fruit and the respiration rate within the carton, creates an optimal atmosphere for storing limes.
The issuance of Licenses to Operate (LTO) a medical device establishment as a manufacturer, trader, repacker or importer of raw materials will continue to be the BFAD's responsibility until the BHDT has the appropriate resources.
[section]1277), "failure to properly label a product would subject the producer or repacker to criminal penalties." It is unclear at this time whether CPSC plans to penalize manufacturers or distributors for this faulty labeling.
The FDA's order stemmed from findings that the company did not have a valid license to operate as a food repacker and that all its products had failed to secure Certificates of Product Registration (CPR) from the agency.
A: IVAX has successfully offered the retail market the ability to purchase niche products directly from the manufacturer instead of from the typical repacker who has purchased the products from a company like IVAX and then repackaged them for sale to the retailer.
It's also accomplished in product development and is the largest prescription drug repacker in the country.
The boosters sell product for drugs or cash to a fence who, in turn, sells the product to a repacker. The latter removes store labels or tags, repacks it and either ships the product out of state or, with scarred, dented or close-dated boxes, diverts it to flea-market vendors.