n.1.Act of repairing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The findings also demonstrate a role of resveratrol in cognition repairment via a microRNA-CREB (The cAMP Responsive Element Binding Protein)-BDNF (Brain Derived Neuro Trophic Factor) mechanism by which resveratrol regulates these processes, demonstrating its value as potential therapeutic target against CNS (Cell Nerve System) disorders in memory.
Funds worth Rs1.30 billion have been earmarked for Prime Minister's Community Infrastructure Programme, the rest of the amount will be spent on social sector, repairment of bridges, water and sanitation programmes, construction of roads, and provision of clean drinking water.
General bone defects repairment, metaphysical defects repairment, reconstruction, augmentation and filling maxillofacial region, arthrodesis and benign tumor treatment, spinal defects repairmen, sinus rifts, filling of endodontic defects, ridge augmentation, cavity filling in bone tissue.
It also destroys repairment of the endothelium, decreases level of high-density lipoprotein in blood, and may give rise to endothelial dysfunction and inflammation on the vessel wall.
Stem cell therapy for knees is natural; it uses mesenchymal cells of one's body that act as repairment cells of the body, and cultures them in the lab for treatment.
The government, he added would provide resources for repairment, other reconstruction and renovation work along with provision of equipment etc.
reported a case with Klebsiella pneumoniae orbital cellulitis 9 years after repairment of orbital wall fracture with hydroxyapatite implant [14].
Contralateral VUR, urinary retention, voiding dysfunction, long operation time, long day's hospitalization, and obstruction are anticipated complications of different techniques of VUR repairment [4, 10, 15], that rarely occur in Gil-Vernet surgery.
Detecting the threshold cross-border and recovery to determine the system performance failure ensures the effectiveness of detection for the system, providing a useful strategy for the repairment failure.
Visualized sphincter muscles were fixed anteriorly after the repairment of rectoanal mucosa.
The stoppage of illegal traffic challans by wardens, sewerage and roads repairment at new truck stand, stoppage of overcharging in adda fee and elimination of illegal occupation on truck stand's dispensary should be ensured on urgent basis.