Repeating circle

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"Do you skip over yourself, go beyond your borders, or are you trapped in a repeating circle from which you cannot escape?" asks the performer, whose work won the Dance Piece of the Year award at the Czech Dance Platform 2017.
The rite was a repeating circle of commemoration, adoration, meditation and petition.
Here, black-and-white footage of young women dressed in matching uniforms (save one participant--artist Fia Backstrom--who wears an all-black jumpsuit) was projected against a backdrop of geometric wallpaper, a tight tangle of repeating circles and triangles that both mirrored and obscured the assembly-line choreography of the women going through a series of movements and activities.
By repeating circles and using different materials such as the cobbled path, right, the sweeping curves carry the eye to focal points, and give a feeling of greater depth.