n.1.The act of perceiving again; a repeated perception of the same object.
No external praise can give me such a glow as my own solitary reperception and ratification of what is fine.
- Keats.
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Les auteurs postulent que cette reperception est un << meta mecanisme >> d'action qui est lie a des mecanismes additionnels directs qui menent au changement et apportent des resultats positifs.
His explanation of recollection involves the notion of what he calls "intentional distance" to the reperformance of the past act and an "overlying" of intentional acts which allows for a fundamental modification of the relived act; a new intentional stance to the reperception.
A potent though often misunderstood killer of stock price is the redefinition or reperception of a company's story into a different school of investing.