a.1.That may be planted again.
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There is an agreement that if the amputated part is present and replantable, replantation is the best option to preserve finger length and normal anatomy of the nail complex.
The injured fingers were not replantable; therefore, amputation of the middle and ring fingers at the level of the proximal phalanx and of the little finger at the middle phalanx was performed at another hospital (Figure 1).
Replantable, Grubbly Farms and TEQ Charging are three of those startups--all of which have a mission to better the world through sustainable, reliable solutions.
Georgia Tech students Alex Weiss and Ruwan Subasinghe were overwhelmed by the staggering statistics of food waste, and thus, Replantable was born.
Replantable eliminates the risk of the above variables and offers seed mats capable of growing just enough produce to sustain individual customers.
The key to Replantable is its "no effort needed" system.
Replantable is currently in the process of securing resources for low-volume production.
When part or all of the thumb is lost and the amputated tissue is not replantable, various degrees of functional impairment occur.