Repousse work

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ornamentation of metal in relief by pressing or hammering on the reverse side.

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Ken added: "The basic trophy was made somewhere in England and was customised by Glasgow gold and silversmiths George Edward & Sons, who did the impressive repousse work.
The most remarkable was a rectangular 27cm gilt copper repousse work depicting an image of Ardhanarisvara of siva- Pavati containing a damaged 9 line inscription at the top (see p.
simple to austerity, yet the curved surfaces of the repousse work lend a certain voluptuousness' (quoted by Cyril Fox's son, in Scott-Fox 2002: 169)!
It is believed that Pearson left Cornwall in the late 1890s, working spasmodically for Liberty & Co for a number of years, where he excelled in copper repousse work. Even now there is little known about the man, who flourished from 1890-1910.
Once again he took advantage of his great manual dexterity and inventiveness to master forgotten processes such as repousse work on gold, the rediscovery of which proved indispensable to the creation of works that matched the spirit of the time.
Ashbee's School of Handicraft at Toynbee Hall, London, in 1889 (where he took up metal repousse work) and, in the following year, he sent Lucien to England to further his career as a wood engraver (26).
In order to gain this prestigious award and status, candidates need to have extensive experience in all areas of blacksmithing including general, decorative, traditional and contemporary styles, including repousse work.
The art is known as repousse work - this is beating or hammering of sheet steel on to a soft or pliable surface, leaving a raised image of the desired pattern.