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n. pl. gov·er·nors-gen·er·al or gov·er·nor-gen·er·als
A governor of a large territory who has other subordinate governors under his or her jurisdiction.

gov′er·nor-gen′er·al·ship′ n.
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Any one of our readers who has occasion to cross the Niagara may easily observe not only the self importance, but the real estimation enjoyed by the hum blest representative of the crown, even in that polar region of royal sunshine.
3, 1871, by seven Chiefs of the Ojibway and Swampy Cree with a representative of the Crown.
As representative of the Crown, the Governor-General s task is to provide leadership beyond politics.
Shaikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the representative of the crown prince of Ajman for administrative and financial affairs, urged AFZA officials to reinforce the smart platform to continue their efforts to implement the e-services plan as scheduled.
He also read a provision of Indian Independence Act 1947 which stated that the office of Governor-General in each of the two new countries (Pakistan and India), as representative of the Crown.
The new state planned to place the new representative of the Crown, Governor-General Tim Healy, in a new, smaller residence, but because of death threats from the anti-treaty IRA, he was installed in the Viceregal Lodge temporarily.
A representative of the crown king of the Avongara clan, Azande tribe, Paulino Zizi, said that "the crown king was chosen by his late father before his death in 2005 to replace him as king.

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