repressed memory

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re·pressed memory

A memory that is repressed because of the anxiety it engenders.
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When patients in therapy are being treated under the unsubstantiated belief that they have repressed memories of childhood trauma and that those memories must be excavated, this may not be doing the patients any good.
Lesbians have devoted lots of their resources and attention to victim intervention, from repressed memories to alcoholism.
Almost all the methods Stocks criticizes - body work, hypnosis, dream interpretation, flashbacks, journaling, guided imagery, and survivors groups - are appropriate for this treatment process because repressed memories exist on an unconscious level, and these methods help uncover the memories (which, as I mentioned previously, need not have complete, detailed accuracy) so that they can be faced, grieved, and healed.
Adumbrating the catastrophes liminally represented through repressed memories, unconscious desires, displaced symbolic, frequently surreal imagery, and somatic conversion symptoms, Mira warns her son and daughter to recover their African identifies through their "forgotten" memories, which underlie almost every, if not every, aspect of their stories.
The word underworld suggests many associations: (1) The criminal element of American society (the mobs in the Bronx, including Nick, his bookie father, and their desire to fashion a private world); (2) the regions of hell; (3) the repressed memories of the past (an underworld of murder, victimization, shame); (4) the "waste" of language itself (including the change of the Latin of the Church and the street dialect of Italian).
In recent years, however, concern has been raised over the validity of recovered repressed memories of abuse and the damages that can be done when false accusations of abuse result from false memories (Baker, 1992a; Coleman, 1990; Gray, 1993; Jaroff, 1993; Loftus, 1993, 1995; Ofshe & Watters, 1993; Pendergrast, 1995; Steele, 1994; Wakefield & Underwager, 1992).
The man's appeal was denied and his 5 1/2 year sentence upheld, but the judges expressed concern about the woman's ability to recall repressed memories of events that occurred when she was under two.
I was familiar with issues surrounding repressed memory, having evaluated a number of patients with claims of repressed memories of early childhood trauma, including memories of childhood sexual abuse.
Gloria Grady's is only one instance of litigation involving repressed memories for childhood abuse.
Over the past several years, psychotherapists have helped thousands of people discover repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse.
By using dreams and other techniques to explore the unconscious, Freud hoped to uncover repressed memories of childhood sexual trauma that he believed to be the cause of neurosis.
e current alleged victim claims repressed memories of abuse resurfaced during bereavement counselling after the death of a son.