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1. also re·press·er One that represses.
2. Genetics A protein that binds to an operator, blocking transcription of an operon and the enzymes for which the operon codes.
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(Genetics) biochem a protein synthesized under the control of a repressor gene, which has the capacity to bind to the operator gene and thereby shut off the expression of the structural genes of an operon
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(rɪˈprɛs ər)

a protein that binds DNA at an operator site and thereby prevents transcription of one or more adjacent genes.
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Noun1.repressor - an agent that represses
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
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The researchers also observed that several well-known stress genes, like the glucocorticoid receptor and its repressor protein FKBP51, which both regulate one of our most important stress hormones, cortisol, were among the most differentially methylated.
The main goal of this project was to initiate a structure-function study on the repressor protein of phage [epsilon]34.
[13] reported the repression of cellulose expression was mediated by Cre1 (glucose repressor protein) in T.
Clarke et al., "The transcriptional repressor protein NsrR senses nitric oxide directly via a [2Fe-2S] cluster," PLoS One, vol.
A promoter with the 23-bp insertion of the PRNP gene binding strongly to RP58 (repressor protein 58) affected production traits in cattle (Sander et al., 2005 ).
Expression of recombinant proteins is induced by, IPTG which binds to the lac repressor protein, inactivating it leading to transcription of sequences downstream of the promoter Expression of the gene facilitated the production of large amounts of the recombinant protein for immunological studies.
The reduction of R1, a novel repressor protein for monoamine oxidase A, in major depressive disorder.
In addition, the Kelch-like ECH-associated protein-1 (Keap1), a repressor protein, and p62, a substrate adaptor sequestosome-1 protein that competes with Nrf2 for binding to Keap1, were examined in the liver by western blot.