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1. also re·press·er One that represses.
2. Genetics A protein that binds to an operator, blocking transcription of an operon and the enzymes for which the operon codes.
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(Genetics) biochem a protein synthesized under the control of a repressor gene, which has the capacity to bind to the operator gene and thereby shut off the expression of the structural genes of an operon
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(rɪˈprɛs ər)

a protein that binds DNA at an operator site and thereby prevents transcription of one or more adjacent genes.
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Noun1.repressor - an agent that represses
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
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There are three particularly significant types of these control elements, called promoters, enhancers, and repressors; and as we'll see below, mutations in any of these can have effects as serious (or worse) than mutations in coding sequences.
Synpromics has focused on creating a promoter system that is controlled solely by the presence of small molecules, either inducers or repressors, without the use of a trans- activator which is usually required to mediate the desired effect.
The bacteriophage e34 encodes a protein called the cI repressor that is like other phage repressors.
From the first structures of lambda repressors to the structure of many more protein DNA complexes, clear, specific amino acid base interactions were observed (Figure 1(a)).
Privately owned Facio will use the funding to further its research into progressive muscle-wasting disease as well as to accelerate its small-molecule DUX4 repressors towards the selection of pre-clinical lead candidates.
The algebraic sum of all interactions of each gene allows us to observe that some TFs are mostly activators and others are mostly repressors.
GntR type transcriptional factors act as repressors of gene transcription.
SRA1 stands as an intriguing gene with its functioning protein as well as noncoding RNA products, which may account for the complexity, versatility, and elusiveness of the pubertal process, especially when one considers the fact that actions of nuclear receptor coregulators can spatially and temporally vary to become activators or repressors of the target nuclear receptors depending on the cellular and promotor context.
The repressors identified in the new study belong to a large family of proteins known as "KRAB zinc finger proteins." These are DNA-binding proteins that repress gene activity, and they constitute the largest family of gene-regulating proteins in mammals.
Someya et al., "Transcriptional repressors are increased in pancreatic islets of type 2 diabetic rats," Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol.
We should know that what happened to us is because of our actions rather than the choices of the repressors.