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v. t.1.To take back or away.
1.To reprieve.
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Many in the biz expected the week of March 30 to be a sleepy frame, a spring-break getaway reprive leading into the Easter and Passover holidays.
New Delhi: In a reprive for Jammu and Kashmir, the Met department on Sunday forecast a decrease in rainfall activity in the state and other parts of North India but will increase in other regions of the country.
A reprive was given to producers of certain mineral ores including copper, iron ore, lead and zinc concentrates.
And England could reflect on more frustration when Warner was given a television reprive after apparently being caught.
com's experts predict this reprive could be shortlived with hefty price rises in 2013 once the EU gender ruling, which will prevent insurers from taking gender into account when quoting for cover, comes into effect in December.
Human rights campaigner and Director of REPRIVE, a non- profit organisation, Clive Stafford Smith, also addressed the protest rally.
Chen Tonghai, a former chairman of China's second-biggest oil refiner Sinopec Corp, was given today a two-year reprive from a death sentence for accepting millions of dollars in bribes, Reuters reported.
UNION leaders have won a temporary reprive over plans to close the children's creche at Liverpool John Moores University.
With the expectations of certain critical items and shortfalls, the expected reprive or shot in the arm for defense programs is proving to be as illusory as the "peace dividend" was for the liberals three or four months ago.
The reprive given for producers of minerals not yet 100 percent refined will only temporary.