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 (kô′sə-vō′, kō′-)
A republic of the western Balkan Peninsula. Settled by Slavs around 600, the area was under Turkish rule from 1389 to 1913 and became part of Yugoslavia after World War I. An autonomous region of Serbia after 1946, Kosovo lost much of its autonomy in 1990, leading to ethnic violence between Kosovo's Albanian and Serb populations. Intervention by NATO and the United Nations reestablished peace in 1999. In 2008, Kosovo declared independence; however, its sovereignty was not universally recognized at that time. Priština is the capital and largest city.

Ko′so·var′ (-vär′) adj. & n.
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(Serbian ˈkɔsɔvɔ; ˈkɒsəvəʊ) or


(Placename) an autonomous province of Serbia, in the SW: chiefly Albanian in population since the 13th century; Serb suppression of separatists escalated to a policy of ethnic cleansing in 1998, provoking NATO airstrikes against Serbia in 1999 and takeover by UN administration; unilaterally declared independence in 2008. Mainly a plateau. Capital: Priština. Pop: 1 847 708 (2013 est). Area: 10 887 sq km (4203 sq miles). Full Serbian name: Kosovo-Metohija
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(ˈkoʊ səˌvoʊ, ˈkɒs ə-)
an autonomous province within Serbia, in S Yugoslavia. 1,800,000; 4203 sq. mi. (10,887 sq. km). Cap.: Priština.
Ko•so•var (ˈkoʊ səˌvɑr, ˈkɒs ə-) n., adj.
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Noun1.Kosovo - a Serbian province in southern Serbia and Montenegro populated predominantly by Albanians
Serbia, Srbija - a historical region in central and northern Yugoslavia; Serbs settled the region in the 6th and 7th centuries
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nước Kosovo


[ˈkɒsəvəʊ] nKosovo m
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nKosovo nt
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كُوسُوفُو Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo Κόσοβο Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo コソボ 코소보 Kosovo Kosovo Kosowo Kosovo Косово Kosovo ประเทศโคโซโว Kosova nước Kosovo 科索沃
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The ambassador also held a meeting with the president of the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo Kadri Veseli and underlined that parliamentary diplomacy could play an important role in forging stronger relations between the two countries.
Also, I am thankful that later today I will also meet with the Speaker of Kosovo's National Assembly, Kadri Veseli, and the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci.
Avdullah Hoti, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kosovo signed the avoidance of double taxation agreement and Hykmete Bajrami, the Minister for Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo signed the agreement on the protection and promotion of investment; in the presence of the UAE delegation and number of ministers and senior government officials in the Republic of Kosovo.
The UAE delegation headed by Al Khoori met with Isa Mustafa, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, and Petrit Selimi, Acting Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Kosovo.
The Constitutional Comi of the Republic of Kosovo, under the Constitution and the Law on the Constitutional Comi, the terms of time of the constitutionality of laws and other state acts, contains elements of preventive and repressive deciding, and has accepted the incidental reference by ordinary courts to the Constitutional Comi only in cases where it essentially suspects on the contender norm to be applied in the judicial procedme if it is in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo (Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, Article 113).
On 18 January, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov had dinner with the Ambassador of the French Republic to the Republic of Macedonia, Laurence Auer, the ambassadors of the French Republic to the Southeast European countries (the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Slovenia, Hungary, the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania), as well as with the special envoy of the French Republic for the Balkans, Alain Richard, and Florence Mangin, Director for Continental Europe at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Vlora Citaku, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in the United States, said that Serbia projected a "picture that does not match reality, to artificially inject the idea that somehow Kosovo's status not settled, that our independence is temporary and unfinished business.
17 (Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II started a working visit to the Republic of Kosovo, the first leg of his European tour, where he along with Kosovar President, Atifete Jahjaga voiced their keenness to further boost bilateral ties between the two countries and launch productive partnerships in the future.
A statement by the Ministry quoted al- Hamoud as saying during a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Culture of Kosovo Jergeih Diday, the emergence of the IS gangs phenomenon, is an extension of those dark era in the modern history of Iraq," and expressed Iraq's readiness for cooperation and cultural exchange with the Republic of Kosovo in order to improve the cultural situation between the two countries.
Kosovo's head of state Atifete Jahjaga has received Bobi Bovev, the Bulgarian Ambassador, to mark the end of his mandate.President Jahjaga has thanked him for his contribution and has expressed gratitude for the friendliness of Bulgaria and its citizens "who have stood close to the people of Kosovo during the most difficult times and at every step of the consolidation of the democratic state of Kosovo," according to a statement on the President of the Republic of Kosovo's website.
The Republic of Kosovo was created from the southernmost section of the former Yugoslavia by American military intervention and subsequent worldwide humanitarian guidance between 1999 and 2008.
"The decision to carry out the operation was based on the assertion of the West that the Republic of Kosovo situated in the South of Serbia was facing ethnic cleansing that led to a humanitarian crisis," the report said, adding that fifteen years had passed since NATO forces bombed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.