Republic of letters

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The collective body of literary or learned men.

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The account of the rise of the Republic of Letters is the focus of parts 3 and 4 and constitutes the most original aspect of the argument advanced in A Culture of Growth.
Despite the strong need for common standards and common tools to exploit these connections and to reconstruct the discourse of the Republic of Letters, there is still no simple framework in the current panorama for publishing digitized correspondence corpora.
Jacques Bongars, a central figure in the republic of letters, was born in Orleans in 1554, studied law in Bourges with Cujas, and worked on the Scriptores Historiae Augustae and Eusebius in Rome.
Castner notes how the influence of Italia illustrata suffered from the contentious relations that often emerged within the republic of letters, while Jeffrey A.
In intermediate cases the open-source ethics of the Republic of Letters, in which the free sharing and open distribution of useful knowledge were moral imperatives, applied to the world of technology as well (Allen 1983).
Part one deals with the rise of the modern cosmopolitan idea of literature from French Republic of Letters to Goethe's Weltliteratur.
Before the electronic world began to snarl at our heels, we lived in a kind of Republic of Letters, a classless society with no border guards or immigration officials, where, much as in the Woodstock Nation in the 1960s, anyone is effortlessly naturalised, where the only requirement for citizenship was one's talents as a literate writer or a cultivated reader, where the one formulated ideas and the other judged them, and where Holden Caulfield explained, on the printed page, why he shied away from "phonies" and Anthony Trollope railed against "cads".
The "us" or "we" are the citizens of the Republic of Letters and more particularly those citizens who work in institutions of cultural memory and are, in a very broad sense of the word, caretakers of texts.
The influence of women on Anglicanism is further explored by Sarah Hutton and William Kolbrener as they focus on individual contributions to the Anglican Republic of Letters by, respectively, Masham and Astell.
Such volumes drew students into scholarly conversations going on in Europe," and would, Mather hoped, facilitate New England's--and Harvard's--full introduction into the transatlantic republic of letters and Christian Enlightenment.
The American Conservative does all it can to resist the tide of expedience and fights for the spirit of the old republic of letters.
No more than other republics can the Republic of Letters exist halfslave and halffree.