Republic of the Philippines

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Noun1.Republic of the Philippines - a republic on the Philippine IslandsRepublic of the Philippines - a republic on the Philippine Islands; achieved independence from the United States in 1946
Manila Bay - a naval battle in the Spanish-American War (1898); the American fleet under Admiral Dewey defeated the Spanish fleet
adobo - a dish of marinated vegetables and meat or fish; served with rice
Abu Sayyaf, Bearer of the Sword - a small gang of terrorist thugs claiming to seek a separate Islamic state for the Muslim minority in the Philippines; uses bombing and assassination and extortion and kidnapping; "In 2001 Abu Sayyaf kidnapped twenty people and beheaded one of the American captives"
ABB, Alex Boncayao Brigade, Revolutionary Proletarian Army, RPA-ABB - an urban hit squad and guerrilla group of the Communist Party in the Philippines; formed in the 1980s
Moro Islamic Liberation Front - a terrorist group in the southern Philippines formed in 1977 to establish an independent Islamic state for the Moros; have clashed with troops at United States bases
New People's Army, NPA - a terrorist organization that is the militant wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines; a Maoist organization formed to overthrow the government; uses hit squads called Sparrow Units; opposes United States military presence in the Philippines
Pentagon Gang - a Filipino terrorist group that broke away from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in 2001 in order to continue terrorism and kidnapping and extortion
ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations - an association of nations dedicated to economic and political cooperation in southeastern Asia and who joined with the United States to fight against global terrorism
Southeast Asia - a geographical division of Asia that includes Indochina plus Indonesia and the Philippines and Singapore
Philippine Islands, Philippines - an archipelago in the southwestern Pacific including some 7000 islands
capital of the Philippines, Manila - the capital and largest city of the Philippines; located on southern Luzon
Caloocan - a suburb of Manila in southwestern Luzon
Cebu, Cebu City - an important seaport on the island of Cebu in the Philippines
Quezon City - city on Luzon adjoining Manila
Filipino - a native or inhabitant of the Philippines
Bisayan, Visayan - a member of the most numerous indigenous people of the Philippines
Amorphophallus campanulatus, Amorphophallus paeonifolius, elephant yam, pungapung, telingo potato - putrid-smelling aroid of southeastern Asia (especially the Philippines) grown for its edible tuber
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Republik der Philippinen
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He also stressed that his visit to the Republic of the Philippines comes within the framework of the interest by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to consolidate relations with other countries and strengthen relations between the Saudi Shura Council and the House of Representatives of the Philippines.
Castaneda ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the Sultanate and government employees.
Duty stations included: Ships Parts Control Center, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida; USS Piedmont (AD17); Navy Accounting and Finance Center, and Office of the Navy Comptroller, Washington, D.C.; Naval Supply Depot, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines; Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, Georgia; USS Monticello (LSD35); and USS Philip (DD498).
The Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean.
Export-Import Bank of the United States has signed an USD1bn memorandum of understanding with the Department of Energy of the Republic of the Philippines.
March 31 (Saba) -- Yemen and the Republic of the Philippines discussed here on Sunday issues related to the activation of mutual cooperation ties between the two countries.
Thaher received copies of the credentials of resident Ambassadors of the Republic of the Philippines Olivia Valera Palal and the Republic of Azerbaijan Sabir Mammad Oglu Aghabayov .
ISLAMABAD, June 11, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has felicitated the newly elected President of the Republic of the Philippines here on Friday.
ISLAMABAD, March 17, 2010 (Frontier Star): President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Republic of the Philippines had a dinner meeting with Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan on the sidelines of Special NAM Ministerial Meeting on Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace and Development (SNAMMM).
If you would like to help please log on to the website or write to His Excellency Edgardo B Espiritu, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, 9a Palace Green, London, W8 4QE, and request that the law be enforced.
The Navy offered search and rescue assistance after Republic of the Philippines assets were unable to locate the fishermen.
The director states that he was placed on the board of directors of Bank as a representative of the Republic of the Philippines (the "Philippines") in accordance with a consent order issued by a United States District Court.

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