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Noun1.Resedaceae - mainly Mediterranean herbs: mignonetteResedaceae - mainly Mediterranean herbs: mignonette
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Hypericales, order Hypericales, order Parietales, Parietales - a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae
genus Reseda - Old World genus of herbs having racemose flowers: mignonette; dyer's rocket
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Developing weeds plantations in density agricultural crops Asteraceae 952 Amaranthaceae 1086 Asphodelaceae 43 Boraginaceae 441 Brassicaceae 1296 Caryophylloideae 95 Chenopodiaceae 17 Convolvulaceae 54 Convolvulaceae 36 Cyperaceae 501 Fabaceae 119 Lamiaceae 17 Malvaceae 146 Papaveraceae 156 Poaceae 529 Resedaceae 27 Solanaceae 35 Zygophyllaceae 40 Table 1: List of weeds of developing agricultural crops filed at Al-Shafa area.
Whereas less number of weed 17, 27 and 43 were found from lamiacease, resedaceae and asphodelaceae family.
Resedaceae (Carlquist, 1998b; Schweingruber, 2006) (Fig.
Morfologia de los granos de polen de las familias Aceraceae, Aquifoliaceae, Geraniaceae, Resedaceae, Sabiaceae y Saxifragaceae del Valle de Mexico.
Besides Brassicaceae, glucosinolates also occur in plants of Capparaceae, Moringaceae, Resedaceae, and Tovariaceae (Fenwick et al.
Adults were collected on carrion as well as on flowers of Anacardiaceae, Apiaceae, Araliaceae, Arecaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asteraceae, Resedaceae, and Tamaricaceae.