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(rɪˈzɛm blənt)

1. having a resemblance or similarity (sometimes fol. by to).
2. producing or dealing in representations.
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Joyner's got the hard questions, too ('Why you take our mothers from us/ Our fathers and our sisters and our cousins from us/ Got these children getting murdered while they double dutchin''), and we could only nod at the resemblant verses, for the 'Devil's Work' strikes just as hard in our own 'hood.
Surprisingly, in Der Untergang, we find a resemblant message being sent out in 2004.
The imagination of an active, responsible president is resemblant of the one in Kennedy, although naturally The West Wing had seven seasons of character development as opposed to the seven episodes of the miniseries.
The torque profiles in low, medium, and high assistance as shown in Figure 11(b) are also resemblant.