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Although in some contexts the two terms, 'resentment" and "resentiment," are used interchangeably, the English term "resentment" does not always carry a sense of lingering emotion that the French term "resentiment" carries.
Perhaps this is true for some, but it seems mostly to me to be a consolatory story, the sort of inversion that Nietzsche describes as  resentiment : to say this illness is really a kind of health, a kind of deeper seeing, is a lie .  I like my life a lot, but I am uncomfortable with this persistent meme, largely because I'm sometimes confused into believing it myself.
What can the new political models of interventionist movements--movements which are not simply "reactive" or burdened with resentiment (thus, to put it in Nietzschean terms, the morality of slaves)--be in the face of oppressive power (this is one of the complaints that I raise against the resistance theorists)?
PAT- net (all of us) is as culpable as the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) for this degraded intellectual resentiment (dismissal by ASPA of PAT-net) and "victimology" (PAT-net's infantilized reactions).
Modern consciousness seems particularly colored by what Nietzsche would have referred to as resentiment, given that it owes its character and existence to a patrimony it now publicly denies.
Anti-Chechen sentiment has been growing since 1994, and in 2004 over three fourths of those surveyed expressed feelings of resentiment toward the Chechens....
Partly, the antitheoretical stance can be read also as an expression of resentiment against especially the French and, to a lesser extent, German intellectuals and the speed with which they persuaded English institutions--that is, their staff and students--around the world that the new theories were fun and more conducive to intellectual pursuits than the English humanistic tradition.
Similarly, women representatives and other councilors mainly belonging to underdeveloped and underprivileged areas of the city also held separate press conferences to express their resentiment over the budget.
(172-173) APRA's nationalist campaigns against the employment of foreigners by multi-nationals reflected empleado resentiment. Empleados career aspirations were frustrated, because the best and most highly paid positions were reserved for foreign nationals.
the Exodus), her social and ecclesiastical resentiment, her spiritual anguish and "feminism."
Among the majority of the work force expectations are lower, what the Europeans call political resentiment grows, the underclass swells, the gap between rich and poor widens, and social cleavages, crime and social pathology grow ever more serious - threatening to undermine our political stability - even though the economy flourishes according to the familiar standards of GDP growth.
'It was Christianity with its resentiment against life at the bottom of its heart, which first made something unclean of sexuality.'