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 (rĕz′ĭ-dĕn′shē-ĕr′ē, -shə-rē)
1. Having a residence, especially an official one.
2. Involving or requiring official residence.
n. pl. res·i·den·ti·ar·ies
1. One who resides in a certain place; a resident.
2. A member of the clergy required to live in an official residence.


1. residing in a place, esp officially; resident
2. subject to an obligation to reside in an official residence: a residentiary benefice.
n, pl -tiaries
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a member of the clergy obliged to reside in the place of his or her official appointment


(ˌrɛz ɪˈdɛn ʃiˌɛr i, -ʃə ri)

1. residing; resident.
2. involving or obligated to be in official residence.
[1515–25; < Medieval Latin residentiārius=residenti(a) residence + Latin -ārius -ary]
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Laguna Garden Hotel operates hospitality services conducted by 265 employees and 8 residentiary executives.
Niyi Agesin, Ven Gabriel Ezeanya (Canon Residentiary) and Very Revd.
In 1973, he became a Canon Residentiary of Coventry Cathedral, succeeding to the vice-provostship in 1977.
"As the first female residentiary canon of Durham Cathedral I have some proprietory interest in this exhibition because I'm part of the history of women in the cathedral and Christianity in the North East.
The Most Rev Justin Welby, who was appointed a canon residentiary at Coventry Cathedral in 2002, was speaking at an event in London which was organised by Coventry City of Culture Trust to inform key, national, decisionmakers about how the bid was progressing and also some of the key themes that had emerged.
Residentiary canon, The Reverend Canon Mandy Coutts, welcomed everyone.
The Venerable Kevin Roberts, 58, Saltburn-born Archdeacon of Carlisle, and Canon Residentiary, Carlisle Cathedral.
The Rev Canon Prof Mike West was installed as a Residentiary Canon of St.
She joins the Church having served as Archdeacon of Richmond in the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, for the last five years and as residentiary Canon of Ripon Cathedral until last year.
Among the hundreds of supporters who attended the event were many from Canon Wilcox's previous post at Lichfield Cathedral, where he has been Canon Residentiary since 2006.
The PEM argued that Lewis placed too much faith in the dynamics of industrialization coming from external sources, for example, foreign direct investment, as compared to the indigenous or residentiary sector (see chapter 8).
Michael Balkwill, residentiary canon at St Asaph Cathedral, said: "The cathedral community in St Asaph is shocked to have been targeted by lead thieves yet again, along with other churches in North Wales.

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