Residual quantity

(Alg.) a binomial quantity the two parts of which are connected by the negative sign, as a-b.

See also: Residual

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knowledge of the residual quantity and location of propellant is essential for management andcontrol of both satellites and launcher upper stages for the latter in particular if multiple firings are anticipated.
I couldn't find a manager or employee willing to answer my questions (which may have been attributable to the late hour of my visit but was more likely due to the residual quantity and quality of my Spanish).
For the middle school group, rapid growth in residual quantity disparities across periods of at least 2.5% per year offsets any gains due to measured characteristics.
If the firms naming the second lowest price cannot fully satisfy the residual quantity demanded at their price, and if the quantity demanded at the third lowest price is larger than the total capacity of the firms quoting the first and the second lowest prices, then unsatisfied consumers purchase the good from the firms quoting the third lowest price.
213-14], the reader may wonder on what other possible ground, different from the determination of prices, Smith might have been interested to show instead that profits should not be taken as given, but considered as the residual quantity left over from national product after the payment of wages.
test kits designed for high-quality rapid analysis of the residual quantity of antibiotics in milk and milk whey 150 pack.
Kit for qualitative determination of the residual quantity of Macrolides Charm QUAD2 Test or analogue
Tenders are invited for Express test for the determination of the residual quantity of antibiotics in milk
In response to the recent rise in the safety of lithium ion rechargeable batteries, we have developed proprietary technologies to improve residual quantity precision and ease of design, and trade-offs between high efficiency and occupied area reduction.
Contract notice: Floor supply alb residual quantity.
Note: In Case Po Quantity Is Not In Multiple Of 10 Sets, Firm To Supply 1 Loco Set Of Traction Motor Speed And Temperature Sensor If Residual Quantity Is 5 Sets To 9 Sets.
Optionally, the complete delivery quantity or the existing residual quantity of a delivery year are set in a tranche Shopping.