Residual root

(Alg.) the root of a residual quantity, as ?(a-b).

See also: Residual

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This indicates that CHX gel shows no action on the residual root filling materials during endodontic retreatment.
The use of orange oil with NaOCl or CHX does not improve the removal of residual root canal filling materials.
In the most apical portion of the sample, it was possible to note cementum migrated from the residual root to the implant surface.
Radiographic measurement of residual root thickness in premolars with post preparation.
[sup][1] Note, compared to mandibular resections (23%), residual root fragments, furcation lips, and ledges were more frequent causes of failure of maxillary resections (33%).
Effects of the SAF on residual root filling were evaluated in several studies [14-17] and were found to be significantly effective.
He said local veterans might come together for another event on Veterans Day, and brought some "residual root beer and ice cream'' for selectmen to enjoy after their meeting.
While it has historically helped increase plant yields, it also fosters erosion and breakdown of organic matter by killing worms, chopping up residual root and plant parts, and disrupting the microbe community.
After considering the site of the residual filling material in the root canal, the following results were obtained: in group 1, the largest amount of residual filling material was found in the middle and apical thirds (55%), while in group 2, most of the residual root filling material was found in the apical portion of the root canal (40%; Table 1).
Changing the mining system will go a long way to severing the residual roots of the old discredited apartheid order.