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An instrument for measuring directly the resistances of conductors in ohms.


(General Physics) an instrument for measuring electrical resistance


(ˈoʊmˌmi tər)

an instrument for measuring electric resistance in ohms.


an instrument for measuring electrical resistance in ohms.
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Noun1.ohmmeter - a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohmsohmmeter - a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohms
meter - any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity
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Limited Tenders are invited for Earthing resistance measurement job in ccu complex,mtbe and cpp plant during shutdown in april-may 2018.
The multisine internal resistance measurement was mainly selected for it short test duration (circa 98% shorter compared to PPT with 30 minute wait periods between 10 pulses) [31, 32].
Figure 1 shows a four-wire resistance measurement where a DMM and the DUT--noted here as channels 1, 2, and 3--are connected to the matrix X axis, turning a simple switching setup into something more complex.
Mathematical modeling of the process of GD resistance measurement current of industrial frequency in multi-layer soil is presented in [6] which describes an algorithm for calculating measurement errors at different locations of the measuring electrodes and an example of the construction of lines of equal errors for GD of complex shapes in a four ground.
This method is also suitable for the resistance measurement of ultra-thin films [8].
Rolling resistance measurement procedure for passenger car, light truck, and highway truck and bus tires, " Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J1269, SAE International, Issued 1979-1, Revised 2006-09.
This solution is capable of performing unpowered short and open test using resistance measurement, as well as voltage measurement.
A two-probe resistance measurement was carried out for determining resistivity (p) al room temperature, by a M890 13 digital [millimeter for samples with resistance lower than 1.
Vahidi continued measurements in different class would be carried out in the laboratory including resistance measurement in still and wavy waters, hydrodynamic resistance and measurement of aerodynamic coefficient for surface and subsurface flotillas.
Quartzelec has equipped its team of electrical and mechanical service engineers with DO7 units to enable them to undertake on-site resistance measurement and status checking of electric motors and generators.
The test die included four-wire resistance measurement sites that provide for high accuracy resistance measurements.