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Resonancy moves from lower to higher vibrational frequencies, with patterns emerging and moving in an evolutionary direction.
Piacentini et al., "Magnetic resonancy imaging and ultrasonography in predicting infiltrating residual disease after preoperative chemotherapy in Stage II-III breast cancer," Annals of Surgical Oncology, vol.
In poems such as "Glory," readers can feel immediacy, and a resonancy, in the experience Komunyakaa outlines: Most were married teenagers Working knockout shifts daybreak To sunset six days a week-- Already old men playing ball In a field between a row of shotgun houses & the Magazine Lumber Company.
MRI (Magnetic Resonancy Imaging) can accomplish almost as much without X-rays.
PHOTO : Figure 3 - change in resonancy frequency during the cure of polyurethane
The principle of resonancy is the continuous change from lower to higher frequency wave patterns in human and environmental fields, delineating the direction of evolutionary change in energy field pattern; this principle aligns with respect.
Using Rogers' SUHB conceptual framework principles of homeodynamics, which are resonancy, helicy, and integrality was the means to identify and synthesize the discovery of the four manifestations (Rogers, 1970, 1990, 1992).
The principles of homeodynamics evolved from reciprocy, synchrony, helicy, and resonancy (Rogers, 1970) to helicy, resonancy, and complementarity (Rogers, 1980a) to helicy, resonancy, and integrality (Rogers, 1986).
Theories have been derived from Rogers' postulates of energy fields, pattern, openness, pandimensionality, and principles of resonancy, helicy, and integrality for the purpose of guiding research and practice.
Morris (1991) and Hills (1998) link well-being with awareness based on integrality, resonancy, and helicy.
Manifested by continuing change from lower to higher frequency waves (Rogers, 1970; Ference, 1979, 1986; Gueldner et al., 1996), motion of energy fields is characterized by an intense absorption and awareness of self without regard to time or space (pandimensional patterning) and illustrates the principle of resonancy. With higher frequency motion, there may be a sense of exuberance, sometimes associated with a relaxed and revitalized feeling (Ference, 1979).
Rogers' principles of helicy, resonancy, and integrality became easier to grasp when applied to patient assessment using the picture scale.