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n.1.The act of respecting; respect; regard.
Without difference or respection of persons.
- Tyndale.
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Now, Mum, with respections to this boy!" And then he would rumple my hair the wrong way - which from my earliest remembrance, as already hinted, I have in my soul denied the right of any fellow-creature to do - and would hold me before him by the sleeve: a spectacle of imbecility only to be equalled by himself.
Doing the evaluation with respection of length contraction as well as refractive index effects leads indeed to a non-null result.
In April 1995, Nowsco did a field respection and initiated technical discussions with PSE&G regarding the history and mechanics of the pipeline.
Nous respections les normes de production, nos produits sont certifies ISO 22000, FDA et nous avons un systeme de tracabilite des champs au pot.
Il a indique que [beaucoup moins que] si le gouvernement veut que nous respections ce prix de 8,50 DA fixe en 1996, il faudrait aussi que les prix des matieres premieres ainsi que le SNMG redescendent a ce qu'ils etaient en 1996 [beaucoup plus grand que].
+Nous le respections et nous le soutenons tous+, a dit la puissante chef du parti a propos de M.