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(7) Still, that would have been acceptable, if there had been external responsion, that is, if each verse had corresponded metrically to the verses in the same position in the other strophes.8 The lack of both external responsion and syntax signals an error.
(26) Finally, (c) is remarkable for its word-forword isosyllabic responsion and syntactic and semantic parallelism.
(14) George Steiner's discussion of 'responsion' applied to the literary text is equally applicable to the painting of Velazquez (No Passion Spent: Essays 1978-1996 (London: Faber, 1996), pp.
Beneben der Fama Fraternitatis, Dess Loblichen Ordens des Rosenkreutzes, an alle Gelehrte und Haupter Europae geschrieben: Auch einer kurtzen Responsion, yon dem Herrn Haselmeyer gestellet.
It is at least dubious that all syllabic conflicts of responsion were resolved by repeated notes and that the reverse process, slurred notes, should not have been called into play.
[3] Que acabadas las visperas se comience el invictatorio de |Regem cui omnia vivunt' de Morales, en canto de organo con solos cuatro cantores, Honguero, Vaizquez, Macedo y Aragues, y repita todo el choro lo mesmo, y los cuatro solos prosigan el psalmo repitiendo todo el choro la responsion del invictatorio conforme al ordinario.
Where the repeated pattern is itself a construction rather than a set of appositional terms occupying the same syntactic rank, it is traditionally termed a responsion. In this paper I wish to investigate the nature and types of stanza-internal responsions in the Rigveda.
Their short critical note(4) touches only on the metrical issue, citing discussions by Stinton(5) and Diggle,(6) in both of which acceptance of [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] here is cautiously linked with recognition of the same responsion -- at Philoctetes 209/218(7) and Euripides, Medea 159/183(8).

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