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(rɪˈstɔr əl, -ˈstoʊr-)

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"Due to many factors like these, we use remote maintenance and alternate routing in our network to allow prompt service restoral until our technicians can safely reach a site and affect repairs," he says.
The best approach is restoral ion for display only.
The operator will utilize the CDM-760 modems for ultra- high-speed trunk circuits that will support an array of applications, including regional Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) deployments, fiber restoral activities and Internet backbone connectivity over satellite for regional telecom operators.
CloudWave's focused portfolio of OpSus Healthcare Cloud services built for healthcare (B4H) include hosting of over 100 healthcare applications, disaster recovery with disciplined, auditable restoral testing, systems management, security, backup, and archiving services.
Tenders are invited for wide range of communication tower maintenance services including, but not limited to, tower inspections, annual and semi-annual inspections, emergency restoral services on county maintained communication towers in and around the county.
said they have launched an integrated satellite network solution platform for premium enterprise network services following a successful interoperability test of Comtech EF Data's Advanced VSAT Solutions and Huawei's communication equipment including AR series routers, unified communications, telepresence and video monitoring equipment for emergency communications and restoral application.
Schell and W.A.Gardner, "Spectral self-coherence restoral: A new approach to blind adaptive signal extraction using antenna array, " Proc.
While the policy for this equipment is immediate restoral, due to sequestration and furloughs, it was changed to next-day restoral.
It has been shown in [6] that the least-squares spectral self-coherence restoral (LS-SCORE) and C-CAB algorithms have the same asymptotical maximum output signal-to-interference plus noise ratio (SINR) performance as the number of data snapshots approaches infinite.
Congress could alleviate these Army concerns by providing for the "restoral" of funds transferred in the FY2007 supplemental, an approach used previously in the FY2005 Supplemental.
To help in the re-routing of communications traffic and to support the satellite control mission of E Company, ISEC provided a mobile restoral terminal and a technician.
It's kind of like HSM for this--if it is managed, and if the data is characterized properly, (restoral) will not be a problem.