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n.1.One who believes in a temporary future punishment and a final restoration of all to the favor and presence of God; a Universalist.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(25) Restorationist groups often cited money collapse as evidence of an actual war with communists, in the tone of the National Association for Freedom (NAFF), founded in 1975 by army strategist and banker John Gouriet to coincide with the publication of Moss's The Collapse of Democracy, and supported openly by Thatcher from around January 1977.
What could be called the "Restorationist" approach to Whitman is gaining momentum as editions like Schmidgall's and Kramer's are finding their way into bookstores and classrooms, and are gaining favor over the thoroughly revised final "Drum-Taps" cluster in the last edition of Leaves of Grass.
One may identify these as: (a) restorationist, (b) reconstructionist, and (c) pragmatist.
The authors argue that a "religious depression" in the 1930s "reshuffled the spiritual makeup of the South." (37) Charismatic religious activity and restorationist denominations developed and began to transform the religious landscape, appealing especially to working-class southerners, and mainline denominations adopted fundamentalism.
This more positive approach was significantly retrenched by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI in their restorationist efforts, but now with the winds of Vatican II once again blowing strongly behind our backs, encouraged by "Everybody's Pope" Francis, that open enthusiasm is flowing around the world once more.
observes that in America conversion to Orthodoxy is paradoxically made easier by the widespread evangelical search for a "purer" and more "authentic" form of religious practice that continues to be visible in the "restorationist" tendency of many nondenominational churches (152).
Restorationist and conservative Catholic circles imagined the mystical resurrection of a France dedicated to the Sacred Heart (Jonas 2000).
The religious group, which originated in the USA in the late 19th century, are classed as a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination, who count the bible as the true voice of God and only believe in ideas and values that agree with its teachings.
Mormonism is a restorationist movement with an exclusivist, sectarian ethos: adherents present the movement as the reestablishment of original Christianity by unique revelation to Joseph Smith after centuries of apostasy.
In the coming year a profound struggle will no doubt emerge with forces determined to resurrect Cold War-era spending to counteract Russian President Vladimir Putin's restorationist visions.
It is also the central premise of my essay "The Gray Zone: A Restorationist's Travel Guide," Moving Image 9, no.
There is a growing restorationist movement that wants continuity with the '50s, not the early church.

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