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On net, subsidies thus may not be resultive, exceptionally where firms can easily enter the industry and where abatement costs represent a large froperation of profits.
If the economic criteria for mission are efficiency and equity, then it is typically concluded that the stabilization function should largely be performed by the central administration because the mobility of resources makes it unlikely that an resultive stabilization policy can be pursued by a lower level of administration; regional administrations also have limited powers to borrow or to print money.
Transition markers are conjunctions which indicate additive, resultive and contrastive relations between ideas.
In editing the piece for publication from my 1951 draft for oral presentation I've done the usual tightening, but I've also reflected the 46-year delay by eliminating masculine pronouns used in the old inclusive sense and by substituting the term "responsive" for my earlier "resultive." I've modified no substantive point, however, and, except as noted in footnotes 7 and 10, feel today no particular need to revise the substance.
I later (1977) classified the first three patterns I'd found (resultive, goaldirected, and originative) as basic patterns, added to that group the absolute and action-comparative patterns, and discarded the term "resultive" in favor of "responsive." I also discarded the continuum idea in favor of distinguishing basic patterns from compound patterns.
Automatic understanding is the recognition of an object by means of conventions, and is immediate and resultive. Non-automatic understanding is processual, self-constituting and temporal(22).