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a.1.Taking back; resuming, or tending toward resumption; as, resumptive measures.
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The relative clause items targeted three error types: incorrect relative pronouns (*Henry Aaron, which played baseball with the Braves for 20 years, was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1982), omitted relative pronouns (* Bushido is the traditional code of honor of the samurai, were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan), and resumptive pronouns (* John Wayne, who he appeared in over 200 movies, was the biggest box-office attraction of his time).
A resumptive irony hovers nothing, implicit promise premised.
On the other hand, Manuel Leonetti and Victoria Escandell (2009; 2010; see also Escandell and Leonetti [2014]) claim that NPr is a subtype of verum focus fronting which makes polarity negative, as do some cases of quantifier fronting (Quer 2002), resumptive preposing (Cinque 1990, 88-89).
These include corrective, distractive, particularizing, summative, verificative and resumptive functions (cf.
Besides this difference in their clause structure, the two constructions differ in their use of a gap and a resumptive pronoun respectively, a difference that is tied up to the different syntactic processes involved.
However, with the introduction of plasmapheresis as the effective treatment modality, resumptive diagnosis is commonly made on the basis of MAHA and thrombocytopenia without an apparent cause [3, 5].
[A002] ha 'to/for it' (EW, 572: ha 'hier, "generalized resumptive pronoun" (Hallock)').
Most of the psychiatric disorders, both as manifestation and diagnosis, sometimes resumptive, are related to language use, affective disorders, interhuman attitudes, etc.
Resumptive noise barrier was designed at 4.5 m from the noise source as an infinite length (no lateral sound wave diffraction) and parallel to the linear noise source.