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 (rē′tā′bəl, rĕt′ə-)
A structure forming the back of an altar, especially:
a. An overhanging shelf for lights and ornaments.
b. A frame enclosing painted panels.

[French, from Spanish retablo, from alteration of Catalan retaule, from earlier reataula, from Medieval Latin retrōtabulum : Latin retrō-, retro- + Latin tabula, tablet, board.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) an ornamental screenlike structure above and behind an altar, esp one used as a setting for a religious picture or carving
[C19: from French, from Spanish retablo, from Latin retrō behind + tabula board; see rear1, table]


(rɪˈteɪ bəl, ˈriˌteɪ-)

a decorative structure raised above an altar at the back.
[1815–25; < French, = Old French re(re) at the back (< Latin retrō) + table table]
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"Senor," answered one of the party, "under these cloths are some images carved in relief intended for a retablo we are putting up in our village; we carry them covered up that they may not be soiled, and on our shoulders that they may not be broken."
A replica of the original image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de San Sebastian at the top of the main retablo of Basilica Minore de San Sebastian.
Nestor Tayag saved the 'retablo' (devotional painting) and baptismal books of the San Guillermo Church in Bacolor from the lahar flows by requesting drivers of off-road vehicles to transfer these to safe grounds.
During the development of the IV International Human Rights Film Festival "Bajo Nuestra Piel", sponsored by the Embassy of Peru in Bolivia, on November 30 the national premiere of the Peruvian film "Retablo" was held at the Bolivian Cinematheque, which had a complete audience.
As explained by Octavio Solis, a distinguished Latino author who has written over 20 plays, a retablo is a small votive painting commonly associated with Latin American cultures.
The topmost tier identifies the dead person who is being invited to the altar, frequently with photos of the deceased, along with, images of various saints, statuettes of the Virgin Mary, crucifixes and other objects positioned in a retablo which forms the back of the altar.
Otros monumentos religiosos son la iglesia de San Pablo, con su magnifica fachada retablo de piedra; la iglesia de la Antigua; y el monasterio e iglesia de San Benito.
Ivana on Mianda Cioba, Adolfo Rodriguez Posada, Melania Stancu, and Silvia-Alexandra ?tefan's El retablo de la libertad: La actualidad del Quijote-, Esther Fernandez on Maria Fernandez Ferreiros La influencia del Quijote en el teatro espanol contemporaneo: Adaptaciones y recreaciones quijotescas (icoo-ioio)-, and Anton Garcia-Fernandez on Luis Gomez Canseco's edition of Cervantes's Comedias y tragedias.
As the narrator progresses from a boy to a young adult, the voice subtly matures, moving easily from one retablo to the next, pulling the reader along.
Mi retablo, de estilo churrigueresco, empezo a tomar forma.
Hoy, la Compania Nosotros Teatro Estudio de Actores, bajo la direccion de Luis Alvaro Silva, infatigable hombre de teatro, pone en escena Vida y obra de San Francisco de Asis, un gran retablo donde convergen musica, canto, actuacion y representacion performatica.
Marco Bosshard en su articulo "Mito y Monada" describe los ejes tematicos que cada uno de los capitulos concentra conformando una estructura circular, la cual se inicia con un retablo que comparte su titulo con el ultimo: ambos se denominan precisamente "El pez de oro".