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v. t.1.To annual, as orders.
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WeChat has signed a deal with Digital Retex, a firm that helps retailers integrate with WeChat services, and Docomo Digital, the European unit of digital payment company, NTT Docomo.
Alan Lewis, business development manager for Retex UK, says his company has bucked this trend by developing Series 68 enclosure with a high quality gasket seal that has been certified to IP68--even after an impact of up to 7 joules.
METCASE has launched the new RETEX EASYRACK range of 19-inch all mount racks.
entre las acciones recientes destacarian una serie de planes de caracter integral (Iniciativa comunitaria RETEX de diversificacion economica de zonas fuertemente dependientes del sector Textil y Confeccion; el Plan Estrategico del Calzado en Almansa, o el Plan Estrategico Sectorial y el Plan de Internacionalizacion, ambos en la industria de la Madera).
For example, RETEX is a retail technology buying consortium that provides its members collective buying power and information about the latest software and hardware available in the retail technology industry (RETEX, 1999).
Examples include associations for Objective 2 regions and for Objective 1 regions, and narrower networks built around Community initiatives like Leader (local networks in rural areas), Rechar (conversion of coalmining areas), Retex (textile areas), or Renaval (shipbuilding).
Retex specializes in trucking and transportation of explosives, propane, butane and other petroleum products.
One such measure is the EU's Retex (regions heavily dependent on the textiles and clothing sector) initiative.