n.1.The act of retreating; specifically, the Hegira.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Los Santos Mine in Spain ('Los Santos') has achieved an approximate 50% recovery rate of WO3 from its tailings retreatment as a result of continuing tests and trials - a substantial improvement from the 35-40% recovery rate attained in the initial stage of tailings retreatment.
"The orders issued on July 16 are vacated so that parties can appear before Justice Makau on July 31," Justice Korir said.Early this year, Inter Tropical Timber, which used to supply poles to the corporation, went to court seeking orders to have Rerec stopped from returning substandard poles to suppliers for retreatment.
Over the four years, the trial showed a surgical retreatment rate of 4.4% and no new adverse events noted between years three and four.
Root canal retreatment procedures involve re-accessing of the pulp cavity, removing the pre-existing endodontic filling material, and further chemomechanical reinstrumentation and refilling of the root canal space (1).
A total of 269 patients were retreated because of the clinical relapse, and 12 received retreatment because of virologic relapse.
[3] Non-surgical retreatment is a procedure in which the gutta-percha and sealer is removed, so that a thorough cleaning, shaping and re-obturation of the root canals can be performed.
Decision Making for Retreatment of Failures in Dental Medicine; Volume 1
The Galaxy G3 Mini Coil is designed to have a random complex shape, which may make the coil conformable and enable them to seek and fill open spaces in cerebral aneurysms to achieve higher packing densities, which have been shown to lower patient retreatment rates.
KEM JV is a joint venture between Petra and its partner Ekapa Mining and incorporates the Kimberley Underground mine, extensive tailings retreatment programmes and the high volume Central Treatment Plant - all located in or around the historic diamond mining centre of Kimberley in South Africa.
Of these cases, we classified 311 as new and the remaining 111 as retreatment cases.
reported in field control rates of 72% at one year using image guided IMRT for retreatment [7].