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n.1.A leading or bringing back.
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Sometimes hypotheses are explained as a method of retroduction, sometimes called abduction, following Peirce.
It also outlines McMullin's theory of retroduction and his account of scientific realism, both of which are philosophical positions that provide additional support for consonance from an epistemological perspective.
Three scientific methods--deduction, retroduction, and hypothetico-deduction (H-D)--are commonly used in research involving S/V reasoning, providing easy-to-understand examples for helping students learn the methods.
Montreal) argues that McMullin's theory of retroduction offers an account of critical realism in scientific rationality that has more fully developed epistemological and metaphysical elements than is developed by the big guns in the field: Ian Barbour, Arthur Peacocke, and John Polinghorne.
From cue logic, which involves the employment of skills, such as the thinking skills of induction, deduction and retroduction, the nurse finally identifies, explores, analyses and compares alternatives with their outcomes.