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A genetic element, such as a retrotransposon, that can be incorporated into a DNA sequence after reverse transcription of an RNA molecule.
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Some retroelements and transposons, for example, are believed to have originated in ancient viruses," Nasir said.
in controlling human endogenous retroelements Interplay of TRIM28 and
In this sense, equivalent distal and pericentromeric heterochromatin, centromeres and interstitial knobs of tomato are composed by particular satellite DNAs and retroelements (Chang et al.
These genetic elements, called diversity-generating retroelements (DGRs), let microbes target their own genes for accelerated mutation.
chlorotica RT-domain-containing protein groups closest to a clade with RT domains from the Bel/Pao family of retroelements, which consist of retrotransposons and retroviruses (Fig.
The most abundant type of repetitive elements in the sequences was Retroelements (0.
sup][2] LINE-1 retroelements may play roles in cell proliferation, differentiation, and tumor progression.
This term is necessary, because mamsmals have unique epigenetic mechanisms, such as X chromosome inactivation (XCI) and genomic imprinting, as well as certain unique genes acquired from retroelements, such as retrotransposons and retroviruses.
But unlike retroviruses, retroelements don't move to other cells or organisms.
Extension and large variation ofthe legume genomes due to the retroelements are also reported (Pearce et al.