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Noun1.retromandibular vein - posterior branch of the facial vein; formed by temporal veins in front of the ear
facial vein, vena facialis - any of several veins draining the face
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A 12 x 8 x 7 cm tumor covered with smooth flesh-colored skin with vascular markings was visible on the right side of the cheek (parotid, submandibular and retromandibular region).
The parotid space (PS) contains the parotid gland and is divided into superficial and deep lobes by the facial nerve which is located just lateral to the retromandibular vein (Figure 12).
Ultrasound of the neck revealed thrombosis of the internal and external jugular vein, the retromandibular and thyroid vein.
Management of mandibular subcondylar and condylar fractures using retromandibular approach and assessment of associated surgical complications.
La vena retromandibular se divide en una rama anterior y una posterior antes de emerger a nivel del apex de la glandula parotida.
The method of internal rigid fixation of the mandibular condyle is increasingly becoming popular through preauricular, retromandibular and submandibular approaches.
Intraparotid anatomy of the facial nerve and retromandibular vein.
Chung et al (10) point out that, on CT, a tumor near the posterolateral portion of the retromandibular vein, extending toward the stylomastoid foramen, should introduce the possibility of schwannoma into the differential diagnosis.
Then continue by palpation of the parotid region downwards to the retromandibular area and down the cervical chain of nodes.
The tumor was bound anteriorly by the anterior digastric muscle and posteriorly by the sternocleidomastoid muscle and retromandibular fossa.
His parasymphseal fractures were repaired thru an intraoral incision while his angle was addressed thru a retromandibular, retroparotid approach.
Initial imaging of the neck comprised an ultrasound scan; this demonstrated normal right sided vasculature but abnormal left EJV and retromandibular veins.