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n.1.The act of retruding, or the state of being retruded.
In virtue of an endless remotion or retrusion of the constituent cause.
- Coleridge.
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Diagnostic records revealed that she had a mild skeletal Class 2 malocclusion, bimaxillary retrusion, and hypodivergent facial type.
The modified Teuscher activator is an effective appliance in the treatment of growing patient with Class II Division 1 relationship due to mandibular retrusion
3) balanced facial profile, with competent lips, relaxed closed lip relation, and with no excessive protrusion or retrusion of the profile.
The temporomandibular joint of both sides are not independent of each other in function and peculiar type of synovial joint as the mouth opens and closes with the rotation of mandible around the terminal hinge axis of lower compartment as well as the transverse axis of the ramus as a result of the translation in the upper compartment of the joint with the protrusion of condyles and the retrusion of the gonion.
12) El craneo es braquicefalico, un tercio medio facial hipoplasico el cual causa una retrusion orbital derivando a un exoftalmos en todos los casos.
Estudios publicados recientemente mostraron que los pacientes con MHF presentaron retrusion tanto de la mandibula como del maxilar, en comparacion con el grupo control, junto con un aumento del componente vertical; estos patrones fueron mas marcados en el lado afectado y aumentaron de acuerdo a la severidad.
Individuals were selected based on the following criteria: Class II facial pattern associated with mandibular retrusion, Class II division 1 malocclusion, mixed dentition, absence of severe crowding in mandibular arch and transverse problems.
The position of the chin and nose influence the amount of lip protrusion or retrusion.
the body has a lateral inflexion on the hemiplegic part, with lifting and retraction of the basin with the descent and retrusion of the humeroscapular belt due to the traction exercised by the broadest muscle of the back.
Angulo Medidas iniciales Medidas de avance ANB 1, Norma 3 Norma Profundidadmaxilar 82 Retrusion maxilar 86 Norma Convexidad facial 0 mm, CLASE III 3 mm, Norma Fuente propia.