v. t.1.See Aret.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And so these people gathered and smoked ciga- rettes and talked and Enoch Robinson, the boy from the farm near Winesburg, was there.
founders Jay Scholes and Ron Rette have announced the formation of their company's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).
It will focus on litter hot spots and key issues, such as ciga rette waste, with the council work ing with schools and businesses.
Earlier, health ministry had issued an order bannd ning smoking scenes on screen, demanding that cigard rette products be blurred or edited and such scenes be accompanied by a disclaimer.
ZDF's version of "Million Pound Drop," "Rette die Million" has likewise disappeared from the pubcaster's lineup, although its future remains undecided.
The most frequent tobacco used was ciga- rette 7 (58.4%), followed by naswar (chewing snuff) 4(33.4%) and then hashish 1(8.2%) in the medical group.
You see it everywhere in the West these days: "Smoking kills!" screams a huge sticker on ciga- rette packets.
I bought a Gammuci electronic ciga- rette in good faith to help me kick my awful smoking habit.
Parmi les plus enthousiastes, le poete Adolphe Rette (1863-1930) parvient a se faire remarquer.
Table - 3 New projects in cigarette industry (000' cigarettes/year) Name of company Location of Production Investment plants capacity (million) Indoneks, PT Sidoarjo, -White ciga- Rp 6,505 East Java rette 750,000 Dwi Naga Jaya, PT Jakarta -White ciga- US$ 1.2 rette 3,000,000 -Clove cigarette 500,000
Il aura ainsi les faveurs du pronostic car il sera servi sur la distance du jour et dont son asso- ciation avec l'efficace jockey M.Djellouli devrait porter ses fruits, cependant, son compagnon d'entraine- ment Quamous, de l'efficace ecurie M.Bouguetaya qui reste sur d'excellents resultats, ne se laissera pas conter fleu- rette et peut aisement lui aussi rafler les 170.000 DA revenant au vainqueur de ce pari mutuel, qui devrait tenir toutes ses promesses car pratiquement tous les concurrents possedent des atouts pour venir se placer au sprint final l'image de la jument de 6ans Nassima pilotee par l'energique jockey H.