Return pipe

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(Steam Heating) a pipe by which water of condensation from a heater or radiator is conveyed back toward the boiler.

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Not knowing the answers to these questions, the best that comes to mind is to wrap more neoprene insulation on the refrigerant pipe and put some on the non-insulated return pipe. Follow this by refilling the wall cavity with a Rockwool batt, which is denser than fiberglass and more sound absorbing while also providing good thermal insulation.
Also, installing the PSV on the building return pipe will not change plant operation and pressure control.
This outage was needed to cut the 350-mm (14-in.) diameter ERW return pipe (prior to the cooling tower heat exchanger) to install a control valve between the existing taps intended for the 7.5-MW and 10-MW (25.6 and 34 million Btu/h, respectively) future upgrades (many years out) in order to minimize HPC production downtime.
Later in December, the company announced recall Honda Cars India Limited vehicles of previous generation 90,210 units of its diesel variants of City and multi- purpose vehicle Mobilio in India manufactured between December 2013 and July 2015 to replace a faulty fuel return pipe. " There is a possibility that in some of these cars, the fuel return pipe may come out, resulting in fuel leakage and leading to engine stoppage," HCIL had said in a statement.
Normally, these are flat-bottomed runways that are positioned on a slope so that the nutrient solution can be fed at one end and drained, collected in a return pipe and returned to the reservoir tank.
Two-pipe FCUs have one supply pipe, providing hot or cold water to the coil depending on the season, and one return pipe. Four-pipe FCUs have two supply pipes and two return pipes.
Unfortunately, a repeat run through the loop of three day one stages had to be done in engine "road mode", when a leaking turbo return pipe forced the pair to nurse the car back to their services in Gap.
From this analysis, personnel could determine whether there is vaporization in pipe network; whether the pressure is over the bearing capacity of radiator and other ancillary equipment; whether there is emptied phenomenon in user's system and whether the pressure difference between supply and return pipe meet user's requirement [9].
A flow sensor with integral RTD and a remote RTD installed in a return pipe measure heating and cooling energy, which are totaled in separate registers.
The new Ecodry system comprises an air blast cooling system connected to a single, non-insulated flow and return pipe work system, supplying cooled water for machine oil cooling plus local, dedicated process temperature control units and is said to offer processors high operating efficiencies.
Just outside Hassan my bikes oil return pipe popped out making a mess of the bike and my foot.
A thermal fluid heating system consists of a heater connected to flow and return pipe work which can provide heat to one or more users or systems.