Returning board

a board empowered to canvass and make an official statement of the votes cast at an election.

See also: Board

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I had the honor of being the Installing Officer for their new and returning Board members and officers.
Not ready to commit to being on the board, whether as a new or returning board member?
The policies should be revisited annually to make sure that new and returning board members are clear on what they are and why they are necessary.
Returning board members include: Kristine Johnson, vice president and secretary; Hal Pos, president and CEO; Bruce White, vice president and treasurer.
Returning board members include Joseph Connelly of BMO Harris Bank, Paul Horcher of Refined Construction, Scott Ray of the Daily Herald Media Group and Kathleen Scott of Lake Barrington Motorsports/Pepper Park Coffee.
They join the following returning board members: Dan Silverman, president and board chair; Jonique Martin Hall, secretary; Cindy Landry, treasurer; Sherolyn Brown, NOWCS program graduate; Ann Duplessis, Nancy Freeman, LCSW, Paulette Irons, Cole Newton, David Schlakman and Jackie Silverman, NOWCS founder.
Returning board members are Denise Monahan, Amy Pettit, and Audrey Hopper.
Returning Board members include Susan Bailey, IGM Resins; David Biro, Sun Chemical; Michael Gould, Rahn USA; Chris Seubert, Ford Motor Co, and Xiaosong Wu, DSM.
PIABA also announced new board members on Monday: Benjamin Edwards, Thomas Mauriello, Timothy O'Connor and Darlene Pasieczny, and returning board member Marnie Lambert.
Returning board members include new President Teresa Falk, Alberta Barley; new Vice President Noel Blix, McCann; new Past President Kevin Yaworsky, Glacier FarmMedia; Jim Perry, REC Media; Brad Brinkworth,; Janet Kanters, Issues Ink, and Lauren Reid, Paint the Town Reid.
Two new and one returning board member took their seats at the January meeting.
New and returning board members will be sworn in during the General Assembly at the Bar's Annual Convention in June.