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, space of
n. espacio de Retzius, área entre la vejiga y los huesos del pubis.
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Despite the variety of surgical interventions proposed for SUI, tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) continues to be one of the most frequently practiced interventions.8 TVT is seen to be as effective as Burch's colposuspension in two-year follow-up.9 Despite its relative safety, potential and major complications such as bladder perforation, and urethral and intestinal injuries have been reported related to the Retzius space.
Le developpement larvaire chez Ophioderma longicauda (Retzius).
In the operative report, the surgeon described "placement of mesh into the vagina, dissection through the rectal spaces, and anchoring of the mesh into the levator/pelvic muscles, the cervix, and lastiy to the paraurethral ligaments," and "passage of trocars through the cave of Retzius at the level of the midurethra" (FIGURE 2).
Functional recovery, oncologic outcomes and postoperative complications after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: an evidence-based analysis comparing the Retzius sparing and standard approaches.
Grasping the median umbilical ligament (Urachus) with downward traction and cutting it will open the space of Retzius. The dorsal clitoral neurovascular bundle is found at the midline, and the obturator nerve bundle is located on the lateral plane.
Con respecto a la influencia de la traduccion desde el latin, todos los textos analizados presentaron discrepancias con Terminologia Histologica, encontrandose eponimos (Estria de Retzius), sinonimias (Conexion amelodentinaria / Union amelodentinaria), ausencia de terminos (Linea Neonatal), por lo cual descartamos una influencia real del idioma como principal fuente de los errores encontrados.
However, this issue may be minimal for bovid species: Hillson (2005) notes that striae of Retzius in cattle teeth are regularly spaced along the tooth crown, which suggests a relatively constant rate of growth (Montgomery et al, 2010).
Striae of Retzius are incremental markers that represent a normal cessation of enamel growth every 8 to 9 days on average (Fitz-Gerald and Saunders 2005; Reid and Ferrell 2006).
Bilateral ureteroneocystostomies were then performed (over JJ-stents) using a modified Lich-Gregoir approach on the extraperitoneal surface of the bladder in the space of Retzius.
(9) A large anterior rectal wall haematoma with near total occlusion of the rectal lumen following a TRUS-guided prostate biopsy has also been reported and sizeable prevesical space of Retzius haematomas have likewise been described.
Entry into the retropubic space (Retzius) was achieved and a nodular mass was identified emanating from the anterior bladder wall.