n. & v.1.Rule.
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En los ultimos 24 anos la caracterizacion de los componentes productivo y reproductivo de los sistemas ovinos en Colombia se ha limitado a la descripcion de la dinamica del manejo (Reule 1989; Roncallo et al.
Tenders Are Invited For Provding Lowering Laying And Jointing D.I.Pipe Line At Prabhag No.39 A Malikarjun Nagar Up To Reule Ftovel Factory
Halvorson AD, Del Grosso SJ, Reule CA (2008) Nitrogen, tillage, and crop rotation effects on nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated cropping systems.
Proses, Okorie Ramsey, Elaine Denise Reule, Darcia Stebbens, Charlotte Wall.
For I wol axe if it hire wille be To be my wyf and reule hire after me.
To Reule (2007), the identities experienced in cyberspace are masks that can be exchanged at any time.
Dessa forma, os usuarios--que sao tambem os promotores de conteudo (4)--sao percebidos como sujeitos sociais cuja realidade e composta por uma pluralidade de significados construidos (Reule, 2007), modo pelo qual se adaptam ao cotidiano e se veem inseridos nesses ambientes.
(35.) Candragomin's reule IV 3 7 sarvadi-bahubhyo dvyadibhyah is virtually identical (it replaces the term sarvanaman with sarvadi following Candragomin's usual practice) except for omitting kim.
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