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 (ro͞o′thər), Walter Philip 1907-1970.
American labor leader who was president of the United Auto Workers (1946-1970) and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (1952-1955).
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(ˈru θər)

Walter Philip, 1907–70, U.S. labor leader.
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(Riedl) Reuther, 84, of Shrewsbury died Friday, May 2nd, in her home, after an illness.
Eventually, according to Cutler, the Communists abandoned the rank-and-file for a power-sharing arrangement with Walter Reuther. Cutler's evidence that Communist unionists could be as opportunist as their opponents and as uncaring about rank-and-file interests makes the book worth a read, though some will not be convinced that Cutler's evidence is strong enough to justify his conclusion about Communist conservatism or its sources.
WHAT WOULD THE LEGENDARY LABOR LEADER Walter Reuther have said if 40 years ago he was told that American business was going to spend millions to register workers and encourage them to vote?
Excluding biographical entries, further examples include "antitrust," "banknotes," "Export-Import Bank of the United States," "Erie Canal" "Interstate Commerce Commission," "managerial capitalism," and "options markets." Individual persons covered include Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Sam Walton, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Walter Reuther, Ralph Nader, Henry Clay Frick, and Eugene Debs.
24) Rosemary Reuther wrote that feminism should be about a companionship of men and women who can really learn to communicate and enter into relationships for the mutual enhancement of one another.
Kennedy "turned to Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers union and liberal attorney Joseph Rauh, Jr., asking them to formulate concrete suggestions for a counterattack" against the JBS-led "Radical Right." In December of that year, RFK received a 24-page battle plan entitled the "Reuther Memorandum," which "formed the basis of a broad assault on the right wing by the Kennedy administration," continues Professor Andrew.
Gregor Reuther Ben Becker Mai Winter Isabella Parkinson Lily Hartmann Catrin Striebeck Nick Nicolas von Wacherbarth Anne Nele Muller-Stofen Arndt Stefan Kurt Theo Michael Gwisdek Vera Eva Kryll Phillip Sergei Moya Sleepless in Seattle" meets "You've Got Mail" in this sleek remake of the 1997 South Korean film, "The Contact," a major hit in its home territory which helped to kickstart the current industry revival there.
During the routine 30-day review of the deals, all faxed comments can be sent to the Merger Task Force on (+32) 02/296 43 01, quoting the relevant reference number, before the deadline date.Cement: German building materials firms, Halbergerhutte and Bopp & Reuther together notified their joint control bid for Muffenrohr on 5 June.
and Walter Reuther that seemed about to go under during the Vietnam War.
Congressional Republicans attacked Communist influence in jobless and employed workers' organizations while the UAW leadership from President Homer Martin to Walter Reuther worked to weaken and ultimately dominate radical left elements.
A New York Times obituary for Sophie Reuther on February 23, 1996, declared her husband, Victor, a co-founder of the United Auto Workers.