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Noun1.Billy Graham - United States evangelical preacher famous as a mass evangelist (born in 1918)
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Christianity Today magazine, based in Carol Stream and founded in 1956 by the Rev. Billy Graham, published a story when Harvest filed the defamation suit last year against Roys, Ryan Mahoney of Wheaton, Scott Bryant of Geneva and the two men's wives.
Image Credit: Supplied 18 of 31 Rev. Billy Graham (99): February 21.
Finally, I would like to note the passing of the great evangelist, Rev. Billy Graham, who died recently at age of 99.
The Rev. Billy Graham died at age 99, following a remarkable career, in which he often was referred to as "America's pastor." Graham, with a simple message of the redeeming power of faith in Jesus Christ, is estimated to have reached over 4 billion people during his ministry, which started in 1949 and ended five or six years ago.
Caption: The Rev. Billy Graham, famed preacher who was best known for his televised evangelism broadcasts, died Feb.
Faithful and seekers of all religions should be grateful to Rev. Billy Graham for his work in God's flourishing garden.
US president Donald Trump was forced to fly out of Dulles instead of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, while travelling to the funeral of Rev. Billy Graham at North Carolina.
Yesterday, we welcomed the president, the vice president, and the family of the late Rev. Billy Graham as he laid in honor here in the Capitol.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump step from Air Force One to attend the funeral of Rev. Billy Graham in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Saddened by the passing of Rev. Billy Graham, a great American and faithful Christian who inspired millions of people
The Rev. Billy Graham, the renowned Christian evangelist who died at age 99 on Wednesday, holds the remarkable distinction of having appeared on Gallup's Top 10 "Most Admired Man" list 61 times, more than any other man since the annual listing began in 1948 -- and more than any woman has appeared on the companion Top 10 "Most Admired Woman" list.
Franklin Graham, son of the Rev. Billy Graham, is hosting the events as part of his "Decision America 2016" tour.