v. t.1.To reveal.
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rEVElatE - tHE FraMES a classic from glen Hansard and the boys, it always puts me in the mood to hit the town.
Istoria si-a atins apogeul, "omului nou" i-au fost revelate in sfarsit adevarurile absolute.
We recorded a song called Revelate, and Donal Scannell made the video for it for just pounds 2, the cost of a VHS tape.
Give us a playlist of your favourite five artists West Of Her Spine - Bell XI; Sara - Bob Dylan; Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks; Revelate - The Frames; Blue Monday - New Order.
Glen Hansard won 1,000s of fans with Revelate, The Frames' first hit.
That night the words of Revelate - "my lucky charm, my number 8, my revelate" - came to him.
The band are going to release a new album called Burn The Maps on September 17 and treated the crowd to some new songs as well as old favourites like Lay Me Down and Revelate.
This happened to us only once before when we released our single Revelate by ourselves.
Fans of the band range from the punters who'll sing every word of classics like Star Star and Revelate with Glen when he's on stage to luminaries like U2 and David Gray who have the utmost respect for the band.