Revelation of Saint John the Divine

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Noun1.Revelation of Saint John the Divine - the last book of the New TestamentRevelation of Saint John the Divine - the last book of the New Testament; contains visionary descriptions of heaven and of conflicts between good and evil and of the end of the world; attributed to Saint John the Apostle
Four Horsemen - (New Testament) the four evils that will come at the end of the world: conquest rides a white horse; war a red horse; famine a black horse; plague a pale horse
New Testament - the collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation; composed soon after Christ's death; the second half of the Christian Bible
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Most scholars now agree that while John was an influential leader of the early Church, he was not actually the author of the fourth Gospel, The Epistles of John or The Revelation of Saint John the Divine. All of these works date after ad 80; Papias, a 2nd-century Christian writer, reports that John was killed in Palestine before ad 70.