revenue sharing

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rev′enue shar`ing

the system of disbursing part of federal tax revenues to state and local governments for their use.
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Noun1.revenue sharing - distribution of part of the federal tax income to states and municipalities
distribution - the act of distributing or spreading or apportioning
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includes federal government revenue sharing grants to state and local
"The state's better financial projections reflect the improved economic environment in Victoria as well as nationally, which has boosted state taxes and commonwealth revenue sharing grants. Victoria has in particular benefited from a strong housing market that has bolstered conveyancing duties; while GST-backed commonwealth grants are also forecast to grow strongly over the medium term," Roane added.
The third-quarter increase was more than accounted for by a $2-1/2 billion increase in revenue sharing grants to local governments, which was due to an advance payment of the fourth-quarter grant.