Reverse operation

(Math.) an operation the steps of which are taken in a contrary order to that in which the same or similar steps are taken in another operation considered as direct; an operation in which that is sought which in another operation is given, and that given which in the other is sought; as, finding the length of a pendulum from its time of vibration is the reverse operation to finding the time of vibration from the length.

See also: Reverse

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Tenders are invited for Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, installation, Testing & Commissioning of new panel with 800A ACBs for forward & reverse operation of Con-57 at MCC-1 and MCC-3 of CHP-1 at RTPS
In affected vehicles, rapid movement of the transmission shifter from park to drive may cause loss of PRNDL gear indication in the instrument cluster and momentary engagement of reverse operation before the vehicle achieves forward drive function.
The married mum of three children, aged nine, six and four, said: "Because of the cancer I can't have the reverse operation.
They are suitable for stepped speed-changing mechanisms, switching between forward and reverse operation, positioning/indexing, and inching.
She eventually had a reverse operation performed by the same brilliant surgeon.
While the main focus for technicians will be on mounting bearings, the reverse operation --dismounting--is no less important.
Conversely, it also engages in the reverse operation when it feels the need to withdraw liquidity, and issues central bank bills as a form of "reverse repo.
A rear view monitoring system is standard and can be set to synchronize with reverse operation.
The Solicon Reversing Contactor DRC3R includes an interlock control that allows only off, forward and reverse operation in a safe mode while providing high space saving; it switches instantaneously upon application of the control voltage unless an instantaneous change of direction is commanded, then it will delay the direction change by 100msec in order to prevent simultaneous forward and reverse operations.
The system allows the user one-handed reverse operation through incorporation of a master cylinder that can be locked in place.
The trenching boom's forward and reverse operation is manually operated through Valvoil valving with additional boom functions powered by an Eaton pump through Eaton hydraulic motors.
It features forward and reverse operation, variable speed control, a built in easy view LCD counter, and will mount to any handwheel with its Universal Handwheel Adaptor.