negative income tax

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neg′ative in′come tax`

a system of income subsidy through which persons having less than a certain annual income receive money from the government rather than pay taxes to it.
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With regards to reverse taxation, Adhia clarified that in case of transport aggregators like Uber, Ola and so on, registration needs to be done by the company, and not by the taxi drivers individually.
Romania is likely to obtain a derogation from the European Commission (EC) which would enable the application of reverse taxation for cereals and oilseeds for one more year beyond the June 1st deadline, agriculture minister Daniel Constantin said this Tuesday during a Mediafax conference.
Tax evasion in cereals trading will flourish should Romania not obtain a derogation to apply reverse taxation for cereals and oilseeds beyond June 1st, said Aurel Popescu, president of the Romanian Employers' League of the Milling, Bakery and Flour Based Products Industry (Rompan) this Monday, according to Agerpres.